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Inma Moreno



Corporate coaching, also known as executive coaching or leadership coaching, is a professional development approach that plays a vital role in supporting individuals and organisations in achieving their goals and maximising their potential. It can help executives, managers, and employees enhance their leadership skills, overcome challenges, and drive positive change within the corporate environment.

What makes a company succeed? Well, from my point of view, it’s capacity to align its values with people across the organisation by providing meaning to each individual. Hence, they do their best to achieve common goals.


Corporate Coaching Services by Inma Moreno

I am Inma Moreno, a Business Development Manager specialising in well-being. I am certified in Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing and SEO, also have a Master’s in NLP and Coaching. With over 25 years of experience across different industries worldwide. I speak three languages and have an extensive background in different countries and cultural environments. During this time, I learned that an eco-resort in a tiny village in Nicaragua has the same primary challenge as a luxury project in Miami, NYC, Dubai, Barcelona or Melbourne, and this is fulling the WHY to their staff.

Indeed, I’ve seen a fisherman’s daughters being hired and trained as massage therapists without previous experience to become the best performers on their job. WHY? Because they believed that they had the opportunity to be a secure provider for their families. However, their manager had to know their non-negotiable commitment to attend church on a particular day and time. Likewise, a senior executive working in a big city might be concerned about maintaining a high lifestyle and feeling significant. So, to motivate and retain any of them, it all comes down to understanding each individual’s values and respecting their boundaries.

Corporate Coaching Services for Individuals and Groups

Corporate Coaching by My Business and Life Coach

My corporate coaching interventions go beyond setting meaningful goals and strategic plans to achieve them. I am primarily focused on people and identifying their values to help them overcome their limiting beliefs or behaviors. Furthermore, I assist teams in improving their communication and interpersonal skills, fostering stronger relationships across the organisation.

My role as a corporate coach also involves working collaboratively with organisational stakeholders. This may include partnering with HR departments, senior leaders, and other professionals to align coaching initiatives with organisational goals, address specific challenges, and foster a well-being culture within the organisation.